Thursday, January 13, 2011

Time Flys When Your Having Fun!!!

I am so bad at keeping this blog updated!!!
Time truly does fly when your having fun. The past few months have gone by so fast. Addison is already almost 10 months old and it feels like we just got home from the hospital yesterday( except for the whole not sleeping and feeling like you have no idea what you are doing thing). The other day I was at my friends house and her kids were sleeping and Addison was still at day care and for a few minutes I forgot that we had kids. When did that happen and how on earth is she so big already? I think I have said this before but I wish there was a pause button. I have been enjoying this stage so much.
Addison is getting so big and is doing new things all the time. She has 2 bottom teeth and is in the process of getting some top ones. At her last doctors visit she was still off the charts for her height and weight and is healthy, healthy, healthy.

Monday, August 9, 2010

We missed it

This weekend Addison started to roll over. Dan's mom took Addison for the weekend and when she left us on Thursday morning she was non mobile and did not look like she was going to be doing the rolling thing for a long time, but when we got her back on Sunday she was rolling over. She was playing on the floor and I looked over and there she was rolling over. I could not believe it and I thought it was just a fluke, so I rolled her back on to her back and she did it again and again. I said to Dan she looks like she has done that before call your mom and ask her and sure enough she started to roll over at Nana's on Friday. I am bummed I did not get to see the first time but oh well there are many more firsts to come that I hopefully will not miss. Once she is on her tummy her little legs start a going and I am afraid we will have a crawler soon. Or not she still has to figure out how to get those legs under her and I am hopping that she takes her time learning that skill I hear it is a whole new game once they start crawling.

We all took a much needed cuddle when Addison got home

We Fest was in full force this weekend and I kept my distance. It sounds like every one who went had a great time including Dan and my sister and brother in-law. I had the pleasure of doing pick up each night for them. While they were at the concerts I did a lot of sewing and got a few things done that I had been wanting to do.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Healthy Girl

Today we had Addison's well baby check up, and she is a strong, happy and healthy girl. She weighed in at a whooping 19lbs 12 oz today and is 26 inches long. For those of you that understand the percentile thing that puts her in the 100% for weight and 98% for height, her head was in the 66% all in all I think it means she is a big girl with an average size head, not sure.
What I do know is she is absolutely amazing. She eats well (8 oz at a time with rice cereal), She sleeps well ( 12 hours a night I hope this lasts) and when she is awake she is happy, happy, happy.

Here is a picture of her tonight however she was not too willing to offer up a smile for the camera but I finally got one a little one but after getting all those shots I don't think I would have been smiling too much either.

This past weekend was nice and laid back we had our friends over for a lake day and Addison finally loved the lake water. We tried to put her in the lake a few weeks ago and she screamed bloody murder but this time she seemed to be having a blast floating around and splashing.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Overdue Update

I can't believe that it has been 5 weeks since I have done an update. Summer is going so fast and Addison is growing and growing. She is growing a little too fast for my liking. Can somebody tell me where the pause button on my baby is because she is getting so grown up and I want to slow it down.

Addison is such a sweetie. She is so smiley and I could listen to her babble for days. Dan's mom brought up a walker exersaucer thing and she just loves to sit in there and walk around and play with all the toys. She looks so grown up in there and I can't believe how fast the past 4 months have gone. I just read what I wrote and it sounds like I have a complex about Addison growing up. Can you imagine how I will be when she goes to school?

We have had a lot of company so far this summer and she has done great with all the excitement. We have learned that she sleeps like a rock and fireworks don't seem to bother her unlike Lilly who climbs up my leg with fear.

Last weekend we had our dear friends Keith and Jess and their little one Cragen. We had so much fun with the babies watching them interact and play.

I have America's got talent on and it makes me question the definition of Talent. Very bazaar people out there.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Big Girl

Wow we have a big girl on our hands. Addison loves to eat eat eat and her weight reflects that. The other night I stepped on the scale with her and she weighs 14 pounds already. She is taking 8 oz bottles every three hours and often times seems as though she wants more. We started her on cereal this week at night before bed to see if that would help her stay full a little longer and she seems to be liking it. She is not so sure about the spoon but we are getting the hang of it. She is now sleeping about 8 hours a night which Dan and I are loving. Addison has her 2 month check up on Tuesday and I am curious to see where she is at and not so excited to subject her to the shots. Hopefully Dan will be strong enough for both of us.

She is getting stronger and stronger and likes to sit up in the corner of the couch like a big girl. When I put her on my shoulder to burp her she always pushes up with her feet like she is trying to stand. I can't believe how much she is growing and changing. She also loves to be outside looking around at everything taking it all in. She is such a sweetie and we are so lucky to have this precious little person in our lives.

Last weekend Miss Addison went to stay with her Nana for the whole weekend. I had a hard time letting her go but I know she was in good hands and it sounds like her and Nana had a great time. Dan and I celebrated our 3 year wedding anniversary by going out to Spanky's stone hearth. I love that place. Their food is always so good.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Oh How Time Flys

My goodness I can't believe how fast time goes by once you have a little one. Addison is already 2 months old. It has been 4 weeks since my last post so I have lots of pictures to post from the last few weeks. Where to start well lets start most recent.

This week was my first week back to work and Addison's first week at daycare. She seems to be doing great with the change smiling in the mornings when I drop her off. It is so cute how the kids come running over to see her when I come and get her. She is defiantly a tired girl when she gets home.

Monday night after a long day of meeting all her new daycare friends

This past weekend we went home to St. Cloud to celebrate Mothers day with our mothers. I got to do some shopping and Addison got to meet many new people. Dan however caught a cold and is still trying to get over it. Here are some of the people Addison got to meet and play with.
On Saturday we had a tightly scheduled day of visiting. Starting the day at 9:oo am our first visit was Dan's Aunt Carol and Uncle Rich.
Up next was Dan's Grandma Margret and Great Aunt Alice.

After them was Dan's other Grandma, Shirley.

And with Grandma Shirley came Dan's Aunt and Uncle Kathy and Jim.

At 1:00 we headed over to our friends Keith and Jess's house so Addison could meet her new buddy Craigen. He is 2 weeks older than Addison and I can't wait till the two of them can play together. Craigen was a good sport and let Addison share his bouncy seat.

We hung out there for a while and then headed out to my Moms house to celebrate Mothers day. They made a great pork roast and potatos. Not to mention green beans from the Garden and some fresh bread delouse. Addison got to spend some time with Grandpa Jerry, My mom, my brother in law Chad, my sister Kim and my nephew Bryce. Whew what a day

On Sunday Addison and Dan let me go out shopping all by myself. But not before we took a picture of my first mothers day. She was so good on the trip to and from St. Cloud. and she did great with all the activity
A few weeks ago we had a visit from my Dad and step mom Linda. It was so nice to see them.

A few weeks ago my friend Meg came over and took some pictures of Addison and us. She did such a great job. I love them. Thanks Meg they turned out great.
She took over 1400 so if you think I posted to many keep that in mind.

Just a few more pictures. Look she already is trying to use a rattle as a phone.

During my Maternity leave Addison got to have a couple of play dates with Marielle.
And the my friends from West River Dental came with their little ones for a day. Addison slept through most of it. Liz and Lidia are on the end and Heather and Hayden are in the middle. All three of the baby's are 2 months apart. It was so fun to see them all together.
Okay I know this is the longest post ever and that it is getting out of hand with the pictures but I have one last one that I just love of Dan and Addison. It is already a couple of weeks ago that this was taken but I just love how she is holding her head up so strong and just staring at him.
And that is the last four weeks in a nutshell. A verry big nutshell