Monday, August 9, 2010

We missed it

This weekend Addison started to roll over. Dan's mom took Addison for the weekend and when she left us on Thursday morning she was non mobile and did not look like she was going to be doing the rolling thing for a long time, but when we got her back on Sunday she was rolling over. She was playing on the floor and I looked over and there she was rolling over. I could not believe it and I thought it was just a fluke, so I rolled her back on to her back and she did it again and again. I said to Dan she looks like she has done that before call your mom and ask her and sure enough she started to roll over at Nana's on Friday. I am bummed I did not get to see the first time but oh well there are many more firsts to come that I hopefully will not miss. Once she is on her tummy her little legs start a going and I am afraid we will have a crawler soon. Or not she still has to figure out how to get those legs under her and I am hopping that she takes her time learning that skill I hear it is a whole new game once they start crawling.

We all took a much needed cuddle when Addison got home

We Fest was in full force this weekend and I kept my distance. It sounds like every one who went had a great time including Dan and my sister and brother in-law. I had the pleasure of doing pick up each night for them. While they were at the concerts I did a lot of sewing and got a few things done that I had been wanting to do.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Healthy Girl

Today we had Addison's well baby check up, and she is a strong, happy and healthy girl. She weighed in at a whooping 19lbs 12 oz today and is 26 inches long. For those of you that understand the percentile thing that puts her in the 100% for weight and 98% for height, her head was in the 66% all in all I think it means she is a big girl with an average size head, not sure.
What I do know is she is absolutely amazing. She eats well (8 oz at a time with rice cereal), She sleeps well ( 12 hours a night I hope this lasts) and when she is awake she is happy, happy, happy.

Here is a picture of her tonight however she was not too willing to offer up a smile for the camera but I finally got one a little one but after getting all those shots I don't think I would have been smiling too much either.

This past weekend was nice and laid back we had our friends over for a lake day and Addison finally loved the lake water. We tried to put her in the lake a few weeks ago and she screamed bloody murder but this time she seemed to be having a blast floating around and splashing.