Friday, June 4, 2010

Big Girl

Wow we have a big girl on our hands. Addison loves to eat eat eat and her weight reflects that. The other night I stepped on the scale with her and she weighs 14 pounds already. She is taking 8 oz bottles every three hours and often times seems as though she wants more. We started her on cereal this week at night before bed to see if that would help her stay full a little longer and she seems to be liking it. She is not so sure about the spoon but we are getting the hang of it. She is now sleeping about 8 hours a night which Dan and I are loving. Addison has her 2 month check up on Tuesday and I am curious to see where she is at and not so excited to subject her to the shots. Hopefully Dan will be strong enough for both of us.

She is getting stronger and stronger and likes to sit up in the corner of the couch like a big girl. When I put her on my shoulder to burp her she always pushes up with her feet like she is trying to stand. I can't believe how much she is growing and changing. She also loves to be outside looking around at everything taking it all in. She is such a sweetie and we are so lucky to have this precious little person in our lives.

Last weekend Miss Addison went to stay with her Nana for the whole weekend. I had a hard time letting her go but I know she was in good hands and it sounds like her and Nana had a great time. Dan and I celebrated our 3 year wedding anniversary by going out to Spanky's stone hearth. I love that place. Their food is always so good.