Monday, August 2, 2010

Healthy Girl

Today we had Addison's well baby check up, and she is a strong, happy and healthy girl. She weighed in at a whooping 19lbs 12 oz today and is 26 inches long. For those of you that understand the percentile thing that puts her in the 100% for weight and 98% for height, her head was in the 66% all in all I think it means she is a big girl with an average size head, not sure.
What I do know is she is absolutely amazing. She eats well (8 oz at a time with rice cereal), She sleeps well ( 12 hours a night I hope this lasts) and when she is awake she is happy, happy, happy.

Here is a picture of her tonight however she was not too willing to offer up a smile for the camera but I finally got one a little one but after getting all those shots I don't think I would have been smiling too much either.

This past weekend was nice and laid back we had our friends over for a lake day and Addison finally loved the lake water. We tried to put her in the lake a few weeks ago and she screamed bloody murder but this time she seemed to be having a blast floating around and splashing.


  1. She is so cute....I love her little smirk! It looks like her hair has lightened up quite a bit.Or maybe it's just the lighting? Or maybe I need to see her more often?

  2. what a little Q-T she is getting cuter by the day megs! Glad to see she is enoying the lake water now :)