Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Overdue Update

I can't believe that it has been 5 weeks since I have done an update. Summer is going so fast and Addison is growing and growing. She is growing a little too fast for my liking. Can somebody tell me where the pause button on my baby is because she is getting so grown up and I want to slow it down.

Addison is such a sweetie. She is so smiley and I could listen to her babble for days. Dan's mom brought up a walker exersaucer thing and she just loves to sit in there and walk around and play with all the toys. She looks so grown up in there and I can't believe how fast the past 4 months have gone. I just read what I wrote and it sounds like I have a complex about Addison growing up. Can you imagine how I will be when she goes to school?

We have had a lot of company so far this summer and she has done great with all the excitement. We have learned that she sleeps like a rock and fireworks don't seem to bother her unlike Lilly who climbs up my leg with fear.

Last weekend we had our dear friends Keith and Jess and their little one Cragen. We had so much fun with the babies watching them interact and play.

I have America's got talent on and it makes me question the definition of Talent. Very bazaar people out there.